Mum says it’s true.

Hi reader – thanks for joining my nutty blog about eggs. If you want to know how I came up with this idea, it’s fully documented in the About section.

Now: for the first post!

My Mum has always had 3 rules about cooking eggs which I follow and accept as true wisdom. I’m not exactly sure why, but my boyfriend D. keeps on doubting the scientific grounds on which these rules lay. I’ve always chosen to stick with what Ma’ says and never actually ran a background check on her egg creed. So, whenever my actions reflect one of her teachings, I defend myself saying, “It’s true, my Mum told me so.” But, since I will be starting a blog about eggs, I should – or inevitably will – find out the if it’s all bollocks or not.

At least for one more day though, I will indulge in the belief that it’s all true, scientific, carved in stone. Tomorrow I’ll find out if it’s not.

Here goes:

1. Always salt cold water before boiling an egg – it prevents the shell from cracking.

2. Eggs should be at room temperature when baking a cake, so don’t use them directly from the fridge. Take them out at least an hour ahead.

3. When washing dishes that have been used for raw or runny eggs, use cold water – warm water will cook the remaining egg and make it harder to wash off. (Same applies to milk, by the way.)

I can’t remember any other particular rule, but I do think there was something about a weekly egg allowance for an optimal diet. D. defends that theory too (he puts it at 3-4 a week) but I believe I’ve read articles stating otherwise. Anyway, I will also get to the bottom of that one, it’s particularly important if I’m going to start cooking eggs like there’s no tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Mum says it’s true.

  1. […] first potential myth I decided to look up was: Always salt cold water before boiling an egg – it prevents the shell […]

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